Thursday, November 19, 2015


  1. Introverts make a choice to be with you: As a matter of fact we don't like people so when we spend our precious 5 or 20 minutes with you, it will do you good if you appreciate it.
  2. We are Okay Alone: Though it hurts us and make us feel depressed, we do know how to maintain privacy for a really long time. 
  3. We might seem shy, rude and uptight but we are the most amazing fellows. 
  4. We have great instincts: usually research suggest that we don't count on first impression because we cant rely on its conclusion, but introverts have very accurate intuition.
  5. As Introverts we love quickly due to our sensitive nature but if mess with our emotions you would wish you played with a grisly bear instead.
  6. Analysis is our thing: All introvert analyze too much and that's why we miss out on a lot such as; getting that job far away, dating that cute lady/guy, leaving that comfort zone for a more beneficial goal.
  7.  We can do the extrovert thing for a while: check it out, world's greatest performers are introverts. We know how to get "wild" sometimes.
  8. We consciously force ourselves to act like we like you.
  9. Introverts are cartoon lovers, regardless of age, sex, race, nationality or whatever-- chances are, if you are introverted you're a cartoon addict.
  10. Introverts hate small talks: we prefer to be engaged in big conversations, developing theories, discussing the world's next big idea. 

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